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Heroes and Zeroes The Ghosts of Writing Present and Future

Lockdowns have not been friendly towards my writing, I have to admit. With my main writing time being my lunch break, working from home has changed how I have that time. I can be working through it, if time escapes me. I can be taking Ripley, my dog, for a walk. I can also have zero motivation. The latter has probably been the biggest hitter to my word count. The year has brought major changes.

I've still been spending two days a week in the office, so have had the chance to be productive, but not as much as I'd like. Has the lockdown hammered your creative juices or your focus? Well, I'd planned to come into the new year with resolutions I'd be resolutely trying to keep to. One was a health kick. My eating habits (partly thanks to some bad influences - you know who you are) haven't been great. I had a medical at work a couple of weeks ago and was shocked at how much weight I had gained. I'd be eating better and even signed up for a hypnotherapy course. I tried one some time ago and it worked wonders. I lost a stone in weight (14lb). Given that I've clearly lapsed, I was trying again. Did you have any resolutions? Did you keep to them? I'm restarting the health kick one this week! Another was to get my head back into my writing. Now things life wise have settled down and are looking up, hopefully my head will be back in the game. This means HERO, which isn't far off finished, will be completed and I'll start work on my next book. I'm coming to the ending, which I always have fun writing. Not! What will the next one be? Well, apart from returning to Red Queen, Wendy and Mortal Sin, my next project will be a reimagining of the zombie story - the 'zero' of the title, hopefully with a refreshing new twist. CULT will come some time soon in the new year.

What do you have coming up in your life or writing?

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