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The Author and the Photoshoot

I've never thought of myself as what you might call photogenic.

Does anyone, though? No, I know people do, which is great for them. Personally, though I don't necessarily think I'm unattractive (down, Ego, down!), I've often looked at photos of myself and not been happy. I know much of this comes from the low self-esteem I used to suffer from, before my writing and the comments I receive for it, boosted my confidence. Physically, though my partner thinks I'm 'gorgeous', I've looked at myself as, sort of, meh.

That's not to say I don't look in the mirror and occasionally think I'm looking quite good today. I do. Yes, it's vanity. Looks don't matter, it's who you are. I think I'm a nice enough guy. A decent bloke. I don't have a bad opinion about myself, particularly, but... well... Photos, to me, age me. They add weight, not that I couldn't lose some. My disability prevents me from being as active as I'd like to be, and once was.

Hmmm. When I started this post, I had a clear idea of where I was going. Now I'm all vanity and self-image, and knocking myself.

Start again...

So, I've never thought of myself as being particularly photogenic. Yes, I said that, but we're starting again, just like Michael Finnegan-begin-again.

I'm not one to point the camera in my own direction too often, for one thing. I'm usually the one behind the camera, and grumble if I have to be in front of the lens. I do, though, enjoy taking photos. I'm always eager to take my camera(phone) out and frame the snaps properly. I'll often, then, spend time to edit the picture, cropping and altering until it looks just right. I'm in no ways even close to being anything more than amateur, but I am pleased with the results.

A recent trip to Mexico to travel the incredible Mayan Trail, visiting Chichen Itza and other sites, travelling over 1,000 miles in a week, gave me the perfect opportunity to be trigger happy with the camera on my new phone.

So, being one to avoid being the subject is something I'd normally feel awkward about. How does someone like that end up having a professional photoshoot? Blame Wattpad! They prompted it. Was I nervous? Oh, yes! Was I regretting it already when I pulled up at the studio? Oh, yes indeedy. Did the photographer put me at ease immediately? Yes, she certainly did. Kirsten was lively, funny and I felt like I was just spending time with a mate, who just happened to be holding a big 'proper' camera.

So, am I a convert? Erm... Nope. I still would prefer to be taking the picture than be in it. But, I really enjoyed myself. I felt natural and not the slightest bit awkward. I even went back for a few more, because I'd forgotten a particular shirt.

When I saw the finished product, I was shocked. Was that me? Me?? It was indeed. So, now I have the real deal. Actual professional, and really good, photos. I love them, and who knew I could look this good?

What do you think? How do you feel about having your photograph taken?

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