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Princess Aren is determined to make the human  who killed her mother and exiled her people to the bottom of the ocean pay.  To do so, she must go to extremes of pain and heartache in her search for justice.
Aren, however, is no sweet, happy mermaid.  To kill is to ignite a fire of passion in her heart which only the savage letting of blood can satiate.  She will go to any lengths to find the man responsible, including cutting off her own tail and sewing, in its place, a pair of human legs - legs she tore from one of the many humans she had murdered.
With the unwilling help of the sea witch, Princess Aren must go ashore and hunt for her mother's killer.  But, in doing so, the worlds above and below the ocean will clash in ways neither thought possible!
And the Meek Shall Walk - a 'beautiful' and 'savage' retelling of a classic story!

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The head floated on the surface of the water, face up, glassy eyes staring at the clear sky.  A seagull swooped down and landed on the cavity where the nose had been, dipping its head to peck at one of the dead eyes.  It pulled, the orb popping free of the socket, but the optic nerve’s hold was stronger and, after a brief tug of war, the bird opened its beak, dropping its prize and flying off. 

A hand reached through the waves, grabbed the matted hair clinging to the skull in lank clumps and pulled it under.  A flash of red mane and blue-silver tail broke the ripples of the ocean before vanishing into the dark depths.  The seagull, which had been circling above, debating on whether to try again on the dangling eye, cried out in frustration before turning with the wind allowing it to carry the bird off towards the shore. 

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If humans could walk, then so could she. 

By the time Aren had passed through to the other side of the trees, her gait was much steadier.  She fought back the tears which threatened to prick at her eyes from the sharp needles she felt in her feet and legs - they were not Briony's anymore, they belonged to her.  She would still stumble and waver but, with each step, her resolve forced her lower half to do as she instructed.

Princess Aren, born mermaid, was now walking the land as a human.  She would make them pay for I


And the Meek Shall Walk: Text
And the Meek Shall Walk: Text

Aren looked into the witches eyes for a moment.  They gave nothing away.  The witch may well have been enjoying this, the concern she exhibited being merely a facade.  Aren couldn't tell, but it was too late either way.  Her decision was made and there was certainly no going back now.  Finally, she let her eyes closed, hoping the darkness she then saw would swallow her up until the witch had finished.

It didn't.

She thought, when the blade first cut her, she may have screamed.  Her inability to move her mouth or to utter a sound prevented any real screams, but her head resonated with her pain filled screeches.  She tried to open her eyes, but found she couldn't.  She wanted to tell the witch she was wrong!  She was mistaken!  There would be another way!  She'd find another way!  She shouted, bellowed, roared for Ursen to cease, but it was all purely in her head.  It was a fruitless effort.  Silently, the princess cried.  What was she thinking? 

And the Meek Shall Walk: Image
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