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Shaun has been writing since he was very young, but didn't really do anything with his work for many years. Many people told him he was wasting his time. Why read a book when you can watch the movie, right? Eventually, Shaun learned to ignore the naysayers and work on that which he loved the most - writing.

So, he believes, don't let others put you off. Follow your dream and, most importantly, write for YOU. Even if you are the only one who ever reads your work, that's fine. Don't hold it inside you or you'll never visit those wonderful worlds or meet those amazing people in your mind.

After his book, Sin, reached #1 on Amazon and a Goodreads list of Books that Get You Hooked (above Harry Potter and The Hunger Games), Shaun turned to Wattpad and found a home for his writing.

Since being on Wattpad, Shaun has written for such movies as The Purge: Anarchy, Sinister II, The Boy, Incarnate, Stephen King's IT and A Quiet Place. Then there's Goosebumps, DC Vertigo Comics and Amazon Prime's Panic! It's been, and continues to be, an amazing time. He's a proud Wattpad Creator, a Wattpad Featured Author, Paid Stories Author and Wattys winner, shortlister and finalist! Sin is now a Chapters Interactive Stories mobile game, called Straitjacket Lover!

He's also an Adim Founding Creator!

Shaun writes a variety of genres, including horror, children's and MG/YA, wherever the muse takes him. He is lucky enough to have an extended family and friends from all over the world, including Wattpad staff, writers and readers.

He recently finished writing MirrorMirror and HERO, and is now working on Cell, Into Darkness, CULT, Mortal Sin, Were Lies the Heart, All the Times I Died and Red Queen! Oh, and Doctor C... He writes in the pause between his heartbeats, because there's just not enough hours in the day.

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Shaun Allan
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Some of Shaun Allan's books!


Shaun admits to being a fan of tattoos, and has a number on his arms. The one to the left, from Amy Dixon of Cleethorpes, is fashioned from the covers of his books Sin and Hollow (the latter's original cover). Together, they show how fragile we can be, both physically and emotionally. Included in the design is a Fibonacci spiral, which he thought was a very cool addition!

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