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Sin Chapters Game - Straitjacket Lover

Sin, the book!

Hopefully, you know all about Sin. The book was my first complete novel (as opposed to short stories and poems), and went on to win awards and reach #1 on Amazon. It helped me on my way to becoming a Wattpad star, and achieve all the things I've been so lucky to do. Since then, I've written numerous books, covering horror, science fiction and fantasy, with many more to come!

Sin is just an ordinary guy, or wants to be. Unfortunately, bad things happen when he flips a coin. People die. Terrible storms break and earthquakes ravage the Earth. And, did I mention people die?

Sin High Res.jpg

The Game!

When I was approached by the team at Crazy Maple Studios to adapt Sin into a Chapters game, I was shocked. I couldn't imagine it as an actual game on my phone. How would it work? Would it work? Of course, I agreed, though. It was too much of an amazing opportunity! Sin is such a large part of me, I had to give him the freedom to expand his horizons! I didn't know how they'd adapt it, so was extemely nervous about the finished product.


Crazy Maple Studios

Crazy Maple Studios is the creator of many great story apps, covering romance, horror and more. You can find their apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, where stories really do come to life!



So, how does a story about an ordinary guy in extraordinary circumstances become a mobile game? Well, a talented team of Crazy Maple writers got together and turned my book into a dark romantic fantasy, set in a lunatic asylum and featuring a twisted psychiatrist. Well, much of that matches the novel, though there's little in the way of romance. Sin shies away from such things in case... bad things happen...

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