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Welcome to Singularity's Point, the home of the paranormal thriller, urban fantasy, horror, humour (and humor), children's, poetry, science fictionflash fiction, guest posts and in depth peeks into the stories (phew!).  Please enjoy your stay!

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My apologies for not updating my website recently.  It seems to have been a very hectic time - more so than usual!  I've been to Disneyland Paris, had a sinus operation and, yesterday, a very successful Author Day where myself and two other authors (the wonderful Lynette Cresswell and A.E. Murphy) did our best to help other authors with tips and advice on what to do after budding writers had written their first book.

Hopefully I'll try to keep on top of things now, with a planned new look to this website coming very soon!

Here's a couple of photos from the Author Day in Freshney Place, Grimsby.

Today on my Flip and Catch
blog, I talk about the Author Day...
Sin, on the other hand, is wondering if he's all in someone's head...  Surely not?

Humberston AcademyPlease drop by and read the fantastically weird poetry from four primary schools.

I had the great pleasure of returning to Humberston Academy and holding a writing workshop with the 11 year old students of Humberston Primary, Middlethorpe Primary, Cloverfields Primary and New Waltham Primary.

Here's their work!

You can also see the work from my previous visit, in which the pupils wrote pieces from the point of view of asylum patients, here...
Sin is now featured on the showcase site


You can buy in multiple formats
and even gift it to a friend or loved one! Paypal is accepted too.
I'm proud to announce that Sin is a Featured Book
on Wattpad, the 'YouTube' of books and has had over 428,000 reads so far!
To read the serialisation, please drop by
Remember that, if you can't wait for the full novel, you can find it here.

Here are some of your recent comments for my stories.

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words.
"A fantastic read for someone through the age ranges of 5-105, Brilliant."
"Sin was just great, it is by far one off the best books I've ever read."
Dark Places
"Another great book by this outstanding author."

Sin & Finnegan's Wake

Read a wonderful piece on my writing, and that of James Joyce, by Life in the Realm of Fantasy blogger and author of the excellent Tower of Bones, Connie Jasperson.

Sin and Finnegan's Wake

"Today I want to talk about words. I’ve been working with the prolific Shaun Allan on one of his new works as an editor, and I am daily blown away by the amazing grasp he has on the English Language and all it’s nuances. Shaun is the author of
Sin, an incredible journey into both insanity and the english language. Shaun’s work is a testament to his love-affair with words, and it is a privilege to be allowed to read his work."

Please visit the Bookstore to find my stories for sale!

Do you prefer a physical book, or an electronic version?

A physical book.
An eBook.
A physical book, but I don't get enough time to read so I use ebooks for their convenience.
Neither - I listen to audiobooks.

Hi.  Thanks for dropping by my author page.  I write for fun and, let's be honest, quite possibly therapy, and have done for more years than I care to remember.  My stories tend to be a little strange, but I suppose that describes me to a certain extent - and I'm happy with that.

Here you'll find a little of me, my list of books and stories and where to buy them, Sin's blog (thoughts and experiences from within the asylum) and much more...













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